3 Steps For Finding A Silver Lining In Any Situation


Happy Tuesday!  I am linking up with Jessica and Jill for #DishTheFit and today’s optional topic is, “An Attitude of Gratitude”.  I had to participate, because I am in the process of getting my Life Performance Coaching certification as well as completing the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionist Program (who doesn’t love Tony Robbins??)  to help enhance my personal training and nutritional therapy certifications.  I believe that all of my specializations go hand in hand, and I want to be able to help my clients break through whatever barriers are keeping them from being healthy and happy.

What’s an attitude of gratitude, really? It’s living your life from the perspective of being grateful for everything that is. This includes finding gratitude in things that are less than what you believe you would like them to be.  

Basically, your attitude of gratitude is finding your silver linings on a grander scale.  

A major lesson I am learning in my life coach training is finding a way to utilize all of my failures as a way to clear the path for the greater things that I am working towards.

We’ve all had times in our lives where something we’ve put a lot of ourselves into didn’t work out.  There are not enough words to describe the negative emotions we feel when this type of rejection occurs, not to mention what it does to our motivation and self-esteem.

The truth is, we can learn to reprogram and internalize these negative experiences and transform the energy associated with them into positive choices and directions.

3 Steps For Finding A Silver Lining In Any Situation

  1. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation?”  Maybe you’ve lost your job, ended an important relationship, or found out some crappy news in general.  Regardless of which end of the spectrum an event is perceived to be on, there’s always something to be learned — whether it’s about yourself, another person, or situation.  Maybe the lesson you learned is that you have to be more or less trusting.  Maybe the lesson you learned is that you didn’t really ever feel happy in the job you lost (I’ve so been there on this one)!  Maybe the lesson you learned is that you need to take better care of yourself or start making your well-being a priority. Choosing to take a bad situation and turn it into a lesson learned will enable you to grow emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Ask yourself, “What am I able to do now that I wasn’t able to do before?”  In any situation, your opportunities will change.  Try to focus on how this opportunity will give you the ability to do something (or many things) you weren’t able to do before.  What skills did you gain from your last job?  If you’re out of a relationship or toxic friendship what time — more importantly energy — do you have to now devote to something that will make you happier, stronger, and more fulfilled?  Maybe now you’re more able to speak up for yourself and communicate what you do and don’t want out a relationship/friendship.  There is no way that you have not gained the ability to do something bigger and better today that you couldn’t have done yesterday.  Discover this, rebuild and go forward.
  3. Ask yourself, “Do I have perspective?”  This is not to belittle yourself or your struggles, but if you can step back from any situation and answer yes to any, some, or all of the following, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for:
    Do I have my health?
    Do I have a place to live?
    Do I have clothes on my back?
    Do I have food to eat?
    Do I have a support system and people whom I love and that love me?

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While none of these things may seem like much to celebrate, take some time to appreciate each and every item. Being able to truly appreciate all that you do have going for you is really the biggest silver lining of all.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude is all about really appreciating everything for what it is, and sometimes that means having to search for that silver lining, appreciate it, and be content with life right now as it is.

Do you look for the silver lining in bad situations?  How do you practice an attitude of gratitude?

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  1. Yay! I loved your post, and am (obviously) so with you on finding gratitude + the silver linings in situations that aren’t ideal! Those are some really great questions to ask ourselves! :]

    1. That’s very true, Julie. I have spent so much of my life allowing myself to get wrapped up in the negativity. It’s a knee-jerk reaction, but these questions can help people to move past from that initial blow and move on to better thought patterns and emotions.

  2. Great words of wisdom again Erin. 🙂

    Live, learn and move on if it doesn’t work out for you. Try something else, grow again, and never stop trying. I believe in that. Just keep going, and try to appreciate and celebrate every moment we have on this earth, and all the little things too. 🙂

    1. I’m so wise that the other day when I looked in the mirror, I sorta thought I was starting to look like Yoda hahaha! Seriously, though, you’ve got the right thought process, Neil; just keep your heid up and keep going in celebration of life! 🙂

  3. It’s hard to do but man does gratitude help! My dad has been sober for 26 years and he does it by waking up each day and being thankful for his sobriety. I’m not a religious person but when I put my kids to bed I always pray with them every single night, thanking God for various things. Sometimes we will have such a shitty day that all I can think of to say thank you for is food and shelter. And sometimes they’ll surprise me with things they’re thankful for too, which is cool. Anyway, great post! Perspective is everything.

    1. Wow – that’s awesome for your dad. Sobriety is a tough thing and you’ve absolutely got to take that one day at a time and have a lot of gratitude for staying on the right path. I’m not religious either but I’ve lit a candle many times and spoke to the universe about knowing that I have a lot to be very thankful for. My biggest struggle is still the loss of my father. I get very angry, but he was the type of person who would say, “hey, I’m fucking gone and you’re not, go eat some Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry’s for me and be thankful that you still can!” and then I laugh because that is something he’d say (and eat ice cream, of course) and know that it’s always a choice how we look at a situation and react to it. Also, your kids sound so great!

      1. I understand why you’d miss your dad so much because he sounds like he was such a gift. I don’t understand why he’s gone and why my dad is still around (hello, daddy issues and thousands of dollars spent on therapy!). I wish we had more dads like yours around. There would be a lot less needy teenage girls giving random guys blowjobs in the hallway to the pub bathroom. Sigh…

        1. You’re so right, Suzy. Dad’s are super important and need to be good guys. Especially for girls. I was definitely a daddy’s girl. I’m very lucky I had him for 31 years, though. Some people aren’t even as lucky as that! 😉

    1. It is just human nature to associate disappointment with negativity, but there’s always something you can draw out of an experience that can be used for personal growth and positivity! I just keep practicing this as much as I can. We’re all just walking around in our own versions of reality, but with that we’re also creating our reality! Thanks for stopping by, Heather! 🙂

  4. great post! It is amazing how much better you feel when you let negativity go and look for the silver lining! Positive actions create more positive actions! When i get down in a situation I do have to step back, take a second, and remember the good things!

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth! You’re so right, honestly it’s a choice to think negatively or positively and once you start the chain of positivity it continues on! 🙂

  5. LOVE all those steps! I have been integrating gratitude in my life and slowly I feel it is sticking with me. It is crazy how we take things for granted when really we are gifted with most of the things we have. I love your first step because I really enjoy helping others overcome their struggles and if I have the knowledge because I learned it the hard way then it wasn’t time wasted AT ALL. Gratitude and positive thinking definitely make life prettier! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elsie! The first step is super important and if we stop learning we stop growing, and how boring would life be? There has to be an ebb and flow to life and if everything was positive and didn’t challenge us to learn we’d never evolve into ourselves. I’m glad you’re able to practice gratitude actively and that you’re able to help others! 🙂

  6. Erin, you knocked this week’s topic out of the park! I’m a huge fan of Tony Robbins. I’d love to chat sometime about your certifications. I’m trying to decide what direction to go next to compliment my PT cert. There are so many I’m interested in but I can’t do them all at once.

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