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Welcome to Coached By Erin!  I’m Erin Campbell, the coach behind the Coached by Erin brand, a community for people who are seeking to learn how to live their lives optimally.

I believe that you can live a happy, healthy, and abundant life without sacrificing your sanity.

Making your life the best it can be isn’t as complicated as you may think!

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I know how you feel because I have been there too.  I have struggled with myself physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Every single time I would try to pull myself out of a rut, I would overcomplicate and overthink everything to a point where I would ultimately throw in the towel and resign myself to failure.

In 2012, after the death of my father. I changed the way I thought, fed, and motivated myself.  I was tired of feeling unwell, unhappy, and undermotivated.

I was tired of being in one-sided relationships that ultimately ended in failure.

I was tired of believing that things weren’t happening in my life because I didn’t deserve to have them.

I was tired of attracting negativity and scarcity when I longed for an abundant and positive life.

I was tired of being my worst enemy.  

So, I made a commitment to my health, career, and emotional wellness.

I educated and certified myself in the areas of physical, mental, and emotional health.

And everything changed.

Why I love coaching

My mission is to offer personal development coaching solutions to help others live happy, healthy, and abundant lives — it is where I find the most joy in my life.

We can’t control some of the circumstances  that we must deal with in life but some of us need support and encouragement to get through and build their skills and confidence.

Whether you are struggling self-compassion, relationship conflicts, level of fitness, or just feeling stagnant where you stand in life, I can help you access the tools within yourself to get where you desire and deserve to be.

I help people break free from emotional sabotage, lost passions, and limiting beliefs.

Over the past several years, I have written about wellness, health, relationships, love, grief, and more.  I have contributed to various lifestyle blogs including The Huffington Post.

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What services do I offer?

I am a certified nutritional therapist.  I work with health professionals to find complimentary nutritional therapy for various conditions.  I have worked with individuals who have suffered from a range of health issues including, acne, depression, eczema, migraines, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies to help offer alternative food-based treatment options.

I also offer one on one personal development coaching services ranging from issues of emotional and binge eating, relationship management, bereavement, body image, and general advice.

I use both talk and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) with my clients.

If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the form below, subscribe to coaching emails, or email me!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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