Happy Wednesday and Day 3 of my February Daily Intentions Workout!  Were you able to work possibility into your day yesterday?  Hopefully, your mindset allowed you to get through all that you needed to do and more!  I know it’s only day two, but isn’t it amazing how much more positively our days go when we are putting intention and energy into our minds?  I hope that you are truly noticing the power of intention already!

Today’s intention is Freedom. What does freedom mean to you?  Is it freedom from self-doubt, money, or fear?  Is it the desire to feel free from resistances within your life or to make the choices you believe you should?  Whatever freedom means to you — work those desires into your day.

Wear that shirt/dress/hat you’ve been thinking about returning.

Apply for a job you feel qualified for and make that career change.

Join a fitness class or group you’ve been thinking about joining for ages.

Do something new and do it because you wouldn’t have normally done so.

Freedom is living a life where there is trust.  Belief in yourself and that the decisions you make are what makes your life meaningful and fulfilled.   Freedom is the comfort in the knowledge that everything is as it should be.

February Daily Intention Workout

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Daily Intentions Workout Challenge

How will you work the intention of freedom into your day?

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Happy Monday and February, guys! I know we’re all thinking it and saying it, but we’re already entering the second month of 2016!

I know many people are against resolution making, and let’s be honest, there are probably MANY people who have already fallen off the wagon with theirs. Especially with the resolution of fitness, which is probably why many people don’t bother with resolutions.

Sometimes what we intend to do and what we end up doing don’t align. So, this month I’ve decided to create something that will help you set conscious intentions for yourself as well as workouts that will leave you feeling motivated.

For some folks, setting intentions works much better than setting long-term goals.  Intentions force us to connect with our desires as well as what we may be subconsciously resisting in our lives.  By focusing on one intention daily, it can lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness.

I have created a workout legend to coordinate with each daily intention for February (and it’s a Leap Year, this time, you guys — 29 days!).   If you subscribe to my blog, you can receive an intention action to apply to your day along with a workout you can perform with it.

Awesome, right?

So, as today is the first day of February, let’s kick it off with our first intention of the month:  Laughter.  

Laughter is truly one of the most healing mental health tools at our disposal.  Laughter decreases stress hormones in our bodies and studies show individuals who regularly laugh have stronger immune systems and produce pain-reducing endorphins.  Today your intention is to find the humour in things.  If something stressful comes your way, try and find the funny side of it.  Even though not every situation is appropriate to start laughing your “ass off” at, there are certainly ways to take much less offense to them.

Here’s the February Intentions Workout legend!  Find the exercise that corresponds with the letters in today’s intention and go!  For beginners, start with one round and work your way up to 2-3 as you go through the month.  For those of you who are more advanced and want to add this to your workout routine, go for 3-4 rounds!



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Do you practice daily intentions?  You can certainly use your own and coordinate it with my workout legend!

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How’s it going this Monday morning?  I heard some of the eastern coast of America got hit pretty badly with snow this past weekend!  I have to say, as much as I dislike the weather here in Scotland, I am pleased not to be surrounded by freezing temperatures and snow.   I grew up in northern New Hampshire, and lived most of my life in New England and New York, so, I know how frustrating (and also how fun?) snow storms can be!

The other day I was re-watching, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and I came across an episode when Titus used the word, snowbesity to describe a person who you can’t tell if they are fat or not because they are wearing a winter jacket.



While my first thought was, “that is a funny word”, my second thought was, “who cares if somebody is overweight or not?”  And my third thought was about how there never seems to be a time that isn’t the “right” time to start convincing people that they need to change their bodies.  In the winter, it’s all about getting ready for spring break.  In the spring, it’s all about maintaining the now ultra-offensive term, “bikini body” for the summer.  In the autumn, it’s all about getting into that “little black dress” for the holidays.  Over the holidays, it’s all about changing for the new year and starting a clean slate — this is the year you’ll get your body back!

“Skinny bitch.” “Fat bitch.”  “You’re unhealthy.”  “You shouldn’t wear that.” “Dad bod.”

It seems like society is more judgmental than ever.  It’s on both sides of the coin and it’s got to stop.

We never get a break from feeling like we’ve got to change.  That we’ve got to look better.  The cycle seems like it will never end either.  However, changes are taking place and while the shift is still evolving and it’s momentum is growing, the body positivity movement is a real thing, and you can be a champion for its cause too.

I struggle with loving my body.  I struggle with keeping my weight off.  I struggle with taking compliments.  I also have made the, “when I’m thinner, I will _” statements.  I do all of this, and I am a personal trainer and nutritional therapist.  Nobody is immune when it comes to feeling insecure or uncomfortable in their body.

I, for one, am so tired of all the body shaming and all the superficial bullshit.  I think most of us are.  So, this week I want to share a  TED Talk from an influential person working to bring greater understanding of what makes us feel uncomfortable in our skin and how we can all be more patient and loving to ourselves and our bodies regardless of size.

The TED Talk I chose for today is from fashion model; Ashley Graham called, “Plus-size? More Like My Size.”   In this talk, she discusses why she believes there is more than one body type and that we all possess a wonderfully unique and diverse physique that shouldn’t be defined by anybody but ourselves.

Preach, girl.  Preach.  Enjoy, you guys!

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Do you believe the size current is shifting?  Isn’t Ashley amazing?

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Happy Friday! This week has been super stressful, but I was able to accomplish things way ahead of schedule so let’s pop champagne for that! (Unless you don’t drink in which case have some chocolate?)

This week’s posts were all about addressing some of the areas we can let negativity dictate our lives without even knowing it. Whether is’s giving yourself ultimatums, taking criticisms personally, or the inability to accept compliments — we have got to be better aware and to shift the way we talk to ourselves.

Today I want to share a video with you that is one of my absolute favourites. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the London-based psychologist, Marisa Peer, but if you’re not, you should be. This video is a talk she gave at AwesomeFest called, “The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: I Am Not Enough” and it is brilliant. If you have ever asked yourself the question, “Am I enough?” this talk is for you.

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I wanted to close off the week with this inspirational video.

And something for you to print out and put on your mirror/desk/computer/wherever.


You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend!

How was your week? 

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So I saw the latest Dove Beauty Experiment several weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking to myself about it ever since.  Being that it’s Thursday, and I’m allowed to #TOL, let’s link-up with Amanda at Running with Spoons, and discuss my latest rant, shall we?



Please don’t jump on me yet!  CONTROVERSY ahead, but please hear me out!  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Dove Beauty experiments that have resonated with me — and made me want high five each and every member of their team — but this latest one, I don’t really care for.

In case you haven’t seen it, or didn’t click on the video above, the experiment took place in cities around the globe.  Two sets of entrance doors to buildings were transformed into a set of “beautiful” doors and “average” doors, and each woman passing through had to make a choice about themselves; do I choose to see myself as beautiful or average? Some headed straight through either door, some hesitated and changed their minds, and I think even a few walked away.  I probably would have walked away myself, but not because I couldn’t decide, but because the whole experiment rubs me the wrong way.

NO, I don’t think there is any harm in asking women to think about how they see themselves, or to be honest about what their self-perception is.

I just wonder why the only two options are “Beautiful” and “Average”.  Why isn’t there a “Clever” or “Original” or “Amazing” or “Strong” door to choose?

I know it’s a beauty campaign and the word “beautiful” could be assumed in its use to encompass clever, original, amazing, and strong, but why why WHY must those qualities have to be assumed under the (more superficial) blanketed label,  “beautiful“?

This is where (I think) the latest Dove Beauty Experiment failed.

“Choose whether you find yourself to be beautiful or average.”

Beautiful or average?

What if you don’t choose to see yourself as just either of those two?  Seriously, we’re ALL so much more than beautiful or …I’m already sick of saying it, average.


I think this experiment is taking steps away from an empowerment message about what makes women beautiful.  That message, in my opinion, is to see themselves as capable and multidimensional people who don’t need to define their self-worth as being one of two superficial choices.


Dove, I love what you do for my skin and hair and I’m ALL about you showcasing photoshopped images to us that prove how badly the advertising industry wants us to all hate ourselves “just enough”.

However, limiting a woman’s choice to be between “beautiful” or “average” missed an even bigger opportunity.

The bigger opportunity to allow women to choose more, because choosing to see yourself as beautiful should be about more than just liking what’s in the mirror.

As a woman, I don’t always find my biggest struggles to be whether or not I see myself as beautiful or average.  Truly, my biggest struggles are whether or not I see myself as capable, strong, and respected.

That being said, if I choose to think that labeling myself as capable or strong also makes me beautiful, that’s my choice, but it’s not my first choice.

While it’s important that we all  #ChooseBeautiful for ourselves, it’s also important that we all #ChooseMore for ourselves first.

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What do you think of the Dove #ChooseBeautiful experiment?  Do you think we should #ChooseBeautiful or #ChooseMore?