Heyyyyy, Everybody!  As I was typing the “hey” out, I started to crack myself up.  I often do this, and lately, it’s while I’m in public.  Last week, my friend Jenn introduced this web series to me called,  Whine About It with Matt Bellassai.  (NSFW)  You’ll get the “hey everybody” reference once you watch these.

You must watch, btw.  Omg.  So hilarious.  You’re welcome.

Anyhoo, today we’re talking about quickies.  Workout quickies.

Who doesn’t love a quickie?  A workout quickie.

No one, that’s who.

Who doesn’t love burpees?

Almost everyone, I think.

That’s why it’s good to wham bam and be done with them and know you got a total body workout, am I right?

Workout Quickie #1:  Burpee Burner

As with any exercise I recommend on my blog, please check with your physician before performing.  Burpees are extremely challenging, so if you’re new to them, I advise you to start slowly and build up to this circuit over time!


I have included examples of some of the exercises for your reference!

180 Burpees

“Frog Hop” Burpees 

Half Burpee (Alternating single arm for an extra challenge)

One-legged Burpees (You can omit the plyo jump to modify)

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What’s your favorite “quickie” workout to fit in when you’re busy?

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HEY, Readers!  You know, I read somewhere that bloggers shouldn’t apologize for their lack of posting.  Apparently, nobody cares.  Well, I do.  I feel terrible about my lack of attention to this blog.  I’m not a parent (yet…) but in a lot of ways, I feel like Beets Per Minute is my baby and lately I’ve been a severely neglectful mother.

So, LOTS has been going on in my world!  My husband, Luke, ran his first half-marathon ever this past Sunday by participating in the Great Scottish Run.  He did a TERRIFIC job finishing at one hr 53 minutes.  I’m so very proud of him and love that he raised over £400 for Cancer Research UK in honor of my late father.  The run was a fantastic event with over 30,000 people participating including Neil from Neil’s Healthy Meals, who ran in the 10k beforehand!  I met up with Neil, his wife, Lynne, and their friend, Catherine (who was fun to meet as I read all about her on his blog)!  Catherine was there supporting her husband, Liam (also a star on Neil’s blog!) as he also completed the half-marathon in the group just behind Luke’s!

all smiles after completing!!

all smiles after finishing!!

Yeah, okay, so the Great Scottish Run was ONE day, but there are other things going on….



Are you living life with passion?

A couple of weeks ago, as I was slacking scrolling my Instagram feed, I came across the following quote:

As I’ve gone through life,  I’ve found that your chances for happiness are increased if you wind up doing something that is a reflection of what you loved  most when you were somewhere between nine and eleven years old.

-Walter Murch

A reflection of what you loved most when you were somewhere between nine and eleven years old.


When I was between the ages of nine and eleven, I loved skiing, gymnastics, dancing classes and creative writing.

Now, I can hardly do a round-off triple back handspring on my lawn any longer.  Mostly because I don’t have a lawn, but also because I am pretty sure I’d break my neck if I tried.

However, I’ve loved becoming a trainer —  working to help people get healthy — and blogging has refreshed my love of writing.

 I am doing what I loved the most between the ages of nine and eleven and it has increased my level of happiness.


Am I lucky?  Yes.  However, not in the way you think.  I’m still struggling financially and what they say is true that you “have to spend money to make money.”  However, finances and nail-biting aside, I wake up every day with the sense of purpose and passion that was missing for nearly decades of my life.

What if you could “time hop” back to a point when you were completely passionate about something?  What would you discover about yourself right now?  Would you say that you do something in your life right now that reflects those interests recreationally and professionally?

Whether it’s professionally or recreationally, is there something that used to bring you joy and comfort that you have lost along the way?

Perhaps, it wasn’t when you were aged nine to eleven. However, there must have been a time when the complications of adulthood and greater responsibilities were not your primary concern, and something put a genuine smile on your face.

Do me a favor.  If your life feels uninspired or unhappy right now, think about what you were passionate about at a young age and find a way to incorporate more of that into your life right now.

Even if it’s just coloring or building a Lego village.

Increase your level of happiness.  You’re worth it.

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 If you had to base your livelihood on a time when you were full of passion, what would you be doing right now?  Are you doing this already?

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Hey, everybody!  I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but Luke will be running in the Great Scottish Run this Sunday!  He will be raising funds for Cancer Research UK in honor of my late father.


mom and dad and maggie may (2011)

Luke has been able to exceed his fundraising goal with the kind donations he has already received, but anything else will be an added bonus for this great organization!

If you’re interested in making a donation, you can click on this link.  You can donate in various currencies and anything you can give will be greatly appreciated!

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give.”

Thank you!!


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Happy Monday! First things first, today my blog is officially two years old!

So why the hell is my blog post about quitting blogging?  Read on!

In some ways, I feel really awesome about this, but if I take a few moments to compare my blog to other blogs the same age, it’s seriously basic.

But just because it’s basic, doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate it.

I actually feel kind of bad, because I haven’t been giving my blog the time and energy it deserves.

Why I Thought About Quitting My Blog

In fact, I contemplated  — all weekend — whether or not I would even renew my domain and keep things going on BPM.

Ultimately, I decided to because this has been a labor of love and has gotten me through so much and I want to continue.

I started this blog at a time when I really didn’t know what to do with my life. I had just passed my personal training certification exam.  I was working at a job I didn’t love — or even like, really. I also had just come out of a draining relationship.

I thought starting a blog would be a great way to work through some of the stuff I had been struggling with and to help myself get to know myself better.

Since starting this blog, I have grown as a trainer and I have expanded my horizon with further education in health and behavioral wellness.  I truly believe that I wouldn’t have done all of this had it not been for my passion for this blog and for finding my way.

One of the main reasons I thought about giving up this blog is that I am starting to really pick up my business and will soon be building a new business site which will soon become my main focus and where the majority of my time and energy will go beyond the people I work with in-person.

However, I remembered that this blog has pretty much saved me and I think it can still grow along with me.

It may not be mind-blowingly beautiful, technologically amazing, or that well-known, but it’s mine and it’s where I started.

I don’t like to turn my back on what I believe in and believe we should never forget our beginnings.

I’m not saying my blog will ever be anything more than it is right now.

But, I’m okay with that.

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Why did you get into blogging?  Have you rebranded or ever thought about discontinuing your blog?  Are you looking to get into blogging?

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So, I’ve been MIA  Well, not in real life or anything, but as far as the blogosphere is concerned, I kinda fell off the face of the earth for the last 9 days.

I’ve been so busy with courses, clients AND setting up something new and exciting that I will hopefully be able to talk way more about next week!

There will most likely be some big changes as Beets Per Minute nears it’s second BIRTHDAY, this coming Monday.

Let’s just say I have A LOT to think about between today and Sunday!

Good thing I am going up to my in-law’s where the Internet is an illusion and you have to do things like go into nature and have actual face-to-face conversations.

It’s a good thing!

I’ve also discovered that I don’t know how to make pulled pork in a slow cooker, which is supposed to be as easy as boiling water AND that first pancakes are sort of like clouds.  You know, if you stare at them long enough they start to look like things.

For instance, this totally looks like a frog jumping off a lily pad …right?


LOLZ (FYI, if you use “LOL” these days you’re apparently “old”).

There are, like, 99 reasons I’m most pleased that I am not a “Millennial”.

Also, we got rid of that pan.  Haha (young).

But wait, there’s more!

There are five facts I have learned about myself in the stress that has been the last approximate week and a half.

  1. I am addicted to Snack-a-Jacks Chocolate Chip rice cakes.  I legit need an intervention.
  2. Squats are my frenemy.
  3. My hair is changing color daily.  I think it’s my mind’s way of trying to make me not miss out on foliage this year.  Is there such a thing as grey leaves?
  4. I would like Glasgow to have a leash law.  I love dogs, but I don’t love stepping in their crap constantly (or looking at it on the sidewalk/grass/in front of my flat).
  5. If I kick myself in the ass JUST enough, I will be able to get somewhere with my career.  I mean, I did move to another country six months ago and I haven’t completely fallen apart yet!

Though, it’s true, this Instagram account pretty much saves me from a bad day at all times.  I mean, c’mon, how could it not?

Norbert is everything.

Norbert is everything.

How’s your week going?  Do you learn things about yourself while you’re under stress?  How cute is Norbert?

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