Lucky 7s Black Friday Workout

Black Friday Workout & Why I’ve Been Away

I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one.  I did not celebrate this year, and it was depressing, but I live in the UK now, and it’s not a thing here.  I couldn’t even find a turkey.  Apparently, they exist in greater frequency after December 1st.

Interestingly, Black Friday IS a thing here.  I guess Black Friday is a happy thing?  Unless you had to work at 4 am today.

Black Friday is not my thing – it’s kinda gross, in my opinion.  You can read all about how I feel about malls, department stores, and shopping here.

Did you miss me?  Did you notice?  It’s okay if you didn’t, it’s been a minute, and there has been much else of greater importance going on in the world.

So, for those of you who might be interested/noticed my absence, you might be wondering why?

To sum it up… 2016.

If you follow me on Instagram or IRL or whatever you know that my thoughts on this year can be summed up in two words:  DUMPSTER.  FIRE.

Ugh.  I’m going to be real right now because that’s me.  I have been avoiding blogging (on all of my blogs) over the past 5-6 months because, quite frankly, I couldn’t deal with the shitshow of the election and the atrocities taking place in the world.  I’ve been super discouraged, angry, and, if I’m honest, DISGUSTED.

I talk about positive thinking and empowerment.  I believe in these things significantly.  But I cannot deny that it’s been tough to wade through the dumpster fire without getting burned.  We have to put it out.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I also wear my conscience on that sleeve.

It’s difficult for the things going on in the world to not leak into how I feel about literally everything around me.  It’s been tough to worry about creating content when I’ve wanted to shout from the rooftops about things that have been, as Michelle Obama says, ‘shaking me to my core.’

However, throughout all of this year, I have remembered that there are a lot of good people in the world and that I cannot let the focus of the bad apples and negativeness cloud my entire life.

In other news, I am back in school.  I am pursuing a new degree (to add to the collection) in an attempt to find new career opportunities here in Scotland.  I don’t know what to expect between Brexit and the recent election, but I’m remaining optimistic and hoping for the best.

NOW for better news.  I have been working on a new fitness jumpstart program which is a sign that I am getting on with things, and I will not continue to let the uncertainties of the world cloud my days.

I am aware that my privilege allows me to do so and I do not take this for granted.  

Here’s a post-Thanksgiving quick and effective workout – check it out, share it, etc.!

Sweat out some of the drama with me!


Lucky 7s Black Friday Workout

How have things been going for you? Are you ready to send 2016 off and welcome a new year?

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Daily Intention: Freedom

Happy Wednesday and Day 3 of my February Daily Intentions Workout!  Were you able to work possibility into your day yesterday?  Hopefully, your mindset allowed you to get through all that you needed to do and more!  I know it’s only day two, but isn’t it amazing how much more positively our days go when we are putting intention and energy into our minds?  I hope that you are truly noticing the power of intention already!

Today’s intention is Freedom. What does freedom mean to you?  Is it freedom from self-doubt, money, or fear?  Is it the desire to feel free from resistances within your life or to make the choices you believe you should?  Whatever freedom means to you — work those desires into your day.

Wear that shirt/dress/hat you’ve been thinking about returning.

Apply for a job you feel qualified for and make that career change.

Join a fitness class or group you’ve been thinking about joining for ages.

Do something new and do it because you wouldn’t have normally done so.

Freedom is living a life where there is trust.  Belief in yourself and that the decisions you make are what makes your life meaningful and fulfilled.   Freedom is the comfort in the knowledge that everything is as it should be.

February Daily Intention Workout

Daily Intentions Workout Challenge

How will you work the intention of freedom into your day?

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Two Quick Workouts (You Can Do Anywhere)

Happy humpday!  I never get tired of saying that and I totally should.  It gets me loads of eye rolls.  Too bad, right?

Since this week is about stopping negative behaviors and starting healthy actions, I thought it would be fitting to give you two challenging and effective quick workouts that you can do anywhere.

Back when I worked in an office, I was always so busy and felt like the only kind of stretching or exercising I could fit in was walking back and forth to the communal printer!  It’s really important (and research shows) for people who have ‘desk jobs’ to take breaks from sitting and take in some much-needed movement.  I should have taken breaks to fit in mini workouts to keep my energy levels up and improve my focus and mood.

These two workouts could easily be done on a break (if you’ve got the space)!

Even if you’re crunched for time and motivation, you can manage one or two quick workouts, right?  That’s like one third of an episode of your favorite show (or maybe less).

I am going to share with you, two quick workouts that require no equipment other than your own body to do.

(Even though I am a certified personal trainer, please check with a physician before participating in this or any exercise program. )


Workout 1:  10 Minute Total Body Workout


Workout 2:  10 Minute Cardio Workout


Too often people get caught up in thinking that if they don’t put in at least 25-45 minutes that they are not getting an effective workout.  I say the most ineffective workout is the one that doesn’t get done.  Fitness, as we all know, is the result of all of your efforts and defined as, “the condition of being physically fit and healthy“.  If you’re pressed for time, getting in one of these ten-minute workouts will get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism, and help you  develop lean muscle mass.

Whether you’re at a level of putting in 5 or 90 minutes right now is irrelevant, it’s getting your body moving and working up to a level (and habit) where it becomes a priority and a regular part of your day.

Here are examples of some of the exercises listed in this post.

What’s your favorite quick workout?  Would ten minutes a day be something can commit to right now to start your fitness journey?

 If you’re interested in online training with me, please contact me at or visit here.

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Silver Linings and Creative Visualizations

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend.  Luke and I had a great late lunch and (possibly a bit too much) wine with Neil from Neil’s Healthy Meals and his lovely wife, Lynne on Saturday.  We ate at a lovely little restaurant called, Black Dove followed by drinks at The Butterfly and Pig.  It was a great laugh.  It’s so wonderful to have connected with Neil and Lynne, through blogging.  When bloggers meet in real life it’s kinda magical, right?

So,  it’s a short week this week, for those of you back in America.  It feels really weird being over here now at the start of the holiday season.  There’s no Thanksgiving commercials or giant turkey displays in the grocery stores. Luke and I are still going to make a little holiday feast for ourselves because we have so much to be thankful for this week, like, our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, which is on Saturday!


One year. Can I get a Carlton dance? Photo Credit

So, this post is all about silver linings and creative visualization.  I’ve written posts before about how to find the silver lining in any situation (and, yes, this is possible) and that’s just what I’ve been trying to do the past couple of weeks.

But first, the negative stuff…

Remember when I started that Bridal Boot Camp about a month ago?  Well, it didn’t really go as well as I would have liked it.  It’s almost an absolute failure.  The reason I am saying almost is that SOME good came out of my first attempt at this experience.  In addition, I also know now what not to do if and when I attempt to do this again.

However, it’s really frustrating when you set out to do something and you have an overwhelming amount of people saying, “oh, this is a great idea/definitely do this/I’d totally attend something like that”.  Then you put a lot of effort, time, and money into it and, as it turns out, it’s not the best idea and incidentally, they would totally NOT attend something like that.

I would have liked it to have turned out differently, and perhaps, when I’m in the place financially again to try and do it again, I will.  I know it’s not a reflection on me as a professional or on me as a person.  There are a lot of things I learned from the experience.

Silver linings…

Okay, so my class wasn’t an overwhelming success, but it also wasn’t a complete failure.  There have been two silver linings.

Firstly, I was able to meet a really great individual who is now a client of mine, and it could possibly open new doors for me as a trainer.  To have made any new connections is always amazing and worthwhile.

I remind myself every day, I’ve been living in a new country for eight months and for what I have accomplished so far, I should be proud and as minimally critical of myself as possible.

Secondly, Booya Fitness added me on as a coach for their online fitness subscription service.  As a coach, I was asked  to curate and design several “wedding workouts” using their incredible workout library.  I was so excited and I worked HARD to curate these coaching programs, so I am super proud of them.

I have tried about five fitness subscription services over the past twelve months, and honestly, Booya Fitness IS THE BEST.   I will definitely do a separate post all about them in the near future, but for now  I just had to share how excited I am to have this opportunity to work with a brand I can really get behind 100%.

I think this warrants another Carlton dance.  Seriously.

Photo Credit

Creative visualizations.

I have recently worked through a tough period of time dealing with my struggle with delayed grief response and it has made me realize just how much I have to continue to live in the present and consciously create a positive and mindful future for myself and for my marriage.  I have learned so much from my life coaching program and working through the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention training.  Honestly, sometimes, I am so filled with ideas about how much I want to help change the world that I feel discouraged — if this makes sense?

So, what I’ve been telling myself each day is that all I have to do is make one creative visualization about what I want in my life and for myself and take one supporting action to get there.  That’s it.  Just one a day.

What’s a creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract to you success and prosperity. (



This may seem trivial to some people, but for me, being able to really understand that I can have a healthy state of mind by simply choosing to have healthy thoughts is a pretty big deal.

We are not victims of our circumstances — shitty things happen and they happen to us all eventually.  We are victims by allowing our circumstances to stop us.  

Do you like to discover your silver linings?  Have you ever been disappointed by a venture that didn’t take off? Do you practice creative visualization?

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Workout Quickies: Burpee Burner

Heyyyyy, Everybody!  As I was typing the “hey” out, I started to crack myself up.  I often do this and lately it’s while I’m in public.  Last week, my friend Jenn introduced this web series to me called,  Whine About It with Matt Bellassai.  (NSFW)  You’ll get the “hey everybody” reference once you watch these.

You must watch, btw.  Omg.  So hilarious.  You’re welcome.

Anyhoo, today we’re talking about quickies.  Workout quickies.

Who doesn’t love a quickie?  A workout quickie.

No one, that’s who.

Who doesn’t love burpees?

Almost everyone, I think.

That’s why it’s nice to wham bam and be done with them and know you got a total body workout, am I right?

Workout Quickie #1:  Burpee Burner

As with any exercise I recommend on my blog, please check with your physician before performing.  Burpees are extremely challenging so if you’re new to them, I advise you to start slowly and build up to this circuit over time!


I have included examples of some of the exercises for your reference!

180 Burpees

“Frog Hop” Burpees 

Half Burpee (Alternating single arm for an extra challenge)

One-legged Burpees (You can omit the plyo jump to modify)

What’s your favourite “quickie” workout to fit in when you’re busy?

I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud! 

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