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HEY, Readers!  You know, I read somewhere that bloggers shouldn’t apologize for their lack of posting.  Apparently, nobody cares.  Well, I do.  I feel terrible about my lack of attention to this blog.  I’m not a parent (yet…) but in a lot of ways, I feel like Beets Per Minute is my baby and lately I’ve been a severely neglectful mother.

So, LOTS has been going on in my world!  My husband, Luke, ran his first half-marathon ever this past Sunday by participating in the Great Scottish Run.  He did a TERRIFIC job finishing at one hr 53 minutes.  I’m so very proud of him and love that he raised over £400 for Cancer Research UK in honor of my late father.  The run was a fantastic event with over 30,000 people participating including Neil from Neil’s Healthy Meals, who ran in the 10k beforehand!  I met up with Neil, his wife, Lynne, and their friend, Catherine (who was fun to meet as I read all about her on his blog)!  Catherine was there supporting her husband, Liam (also a star on Neil’s blog!) as he also completed the half-marathon in the group just behind Luke’s!

all smiles after completing!!

all smiles after finishing!!

Yeah, okay, so the Great Scottish Run was ONE day, but there are other things going on….



Are you living life with passion?

A couple of weeks ago, as I was slacking scrolling my Instagram feed, I came across the following quote:

As I’ve gone through life,  I’ve found that your chances for happiness are increased if you wind up doing something that is a reflection of what you loved  most when you were somewhere between nine and eleven years old.

-Walter Murch

A reflection of what you loved most when you were somewhere between nine and eleven years old.


When I was between the ages of nine and eleven, I loved skiing, gymnastics, dancing classes and creative writing.

Now, I can hardly do a round-off triple back handspring on my lawn any longer.  Mostly because I don’t have a lawn, but also because I am pretty sure I’d break my neck if I tried.

However, I’ve loved becoming a trainer —  working to help people get healthy — and blogging has refreshed my love of writing.

 I am doing what I loved the most between the ages of nine and eleven and it has increased my level of happiness.


Am I lucky?  Yes.  However, not in the way you think.  I’m still struggling financially and what they say is true that you “have to spend money to make money.”  However, finances and nail-biting aside, I wake up every day with the sense of purpose and passion that was missing for nearly decades of my life.

What if you could “time hop” back to a point when you were completely passionate about something?  What would you discover about yourself right now?  Would you say that you do something in your life right now that reflects those interests recreationally and professionally?

Whether it’s professionally or recreationally, is there something that used to bring you joy and comfort that you have lost along the way?

Perhaps, it wasn’t when you were aged nine to eleven. However, there must have been a time when the complications of adulthood and greater responsibilities were not your primary concern, and something put a genuine smile on your face.

Do me a favor.  If your life feels uninspired or unhappy right now, think about what you were passionate about at a young age and find a way to incorporate more of that into your life right now.

Even if it’s just coloring or building a Lego village.

Increase your level of happiness.  You’re worth it.

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 If you had to base your livelihood on a time when you were full of passion, what would you be doing right now?  Are you doing this already?

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fat burning battle rope workout

Hey, everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve done a fitness post!  Since I fill my days with workouts, I’ve created for my clients;  thought I would share one with you.  I LOVE workouts that are off the gym floor.  I have a confession:  I DON’T LIKE THE GYM.



I love working out, of course, but I don’t like gyms.  I know that sometimes you gotta take it inside, but what I like to do and how I roll with my clients can be done just about anywhere.  I like to create fun, varying, and functional workouts because they keep people interested and THEY WORK.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite tools is the battle rope because it is so much fun AND I feel like a total badass after I use them.  So, badass, in fact, that, I feel like I could roll up on Rhonda Rousey …and still get my ass kicked in under three seconds.  I think that battle ropes should come with a warning on them because you do feel insanely tough after you use them and you could end up having your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.

But I digress because I’m starting to make no sense.

If you have access to battle ropes or want to buy them to add to your fitness equipment collection, I’ve got an excellent workout for you that will not only burn a shitload of calories while increasing your strength and coordination, but it will also make you feel super empowered.

You be all like this. Photo Credit

 Battle Rope Workout!


battle rope workout 1


I tried this workout with my client, Kaly, this past Saturday and she was working up a sweat and having so much fun in the process (even in the miserable Glasgow rain that has made a comeback)! She was a good sport and let me take a few snapshots!

Incidentally, it’s hard capturing someone busting their butt with battling ropes, as she was!

battlerope CollageI love to keep workouts fun and exciting, and with battle ropes, you get just that.  Strength training and endurance rolled into one killer workout.  I HIGHLY recommend giving them a try if you want to mix things up and feel totally badass!

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Have you ever used battle ropes?  What’s the most fun workout you’ve ever done?  Do you train rain or shine?

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Good morning, Fitfam!  It’s been an entire week since I’ve posted anything, and besides the fact that you probably didn’t even notice, I’ve just been super busy.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am building up my own training and coaching business, and things are off to a great start.  I love being able to be busy, help people better themselves, and also never get bored!  So, this week’s topic at #TheFitDish with Jessica and Jill is “A Day In The Life:  A Photo Collection“.

First, a confession:  I have many weaknesses as a blogger, but one of the worst is my lack of photo taking skills.  My inability to take photographs is true in real life too.   I can visit a country and take 6 pictures!  Believe me, it infuriates many people!  So, with this week’s topic being a photo-centric post, I made an effort to take some photos to document what my Mondays look like!  Mondays have become a very busy day for me, I have different clients (and deadlines) at different places throughout the city.

So, without further delay, I give you…

A day in the life

5:30 AM — I’m up!  Getting in some water, stretching, and packing up the bag to head out the door!

6:30 AM — I’m on the train, on my way into City Centre  to meet my first client!


7:15-8:30 AM  — My first client of the day!  We did some suspension training and cardio — woot woot!


8:40 AM — I head to the subway to head over to the West End to meet my next client!

monday Collage

9:15-12:00 — I headed to Loch Lomond ( about 20 minutes outside of Glasgow) for an outdoor workout and walk with a client who just wanted to get out of town and be in nature!  It wasn’t as sunny over there, but it sure was beautiful!


12:00-12:30 PM — Caught the subway back to City Centre to start my venture home!


12:30-1:30 PM — I decided to walk back to my apartment from City Centre!  Whilst on my way home, I took a shameless Instagram #OnAQuest photo of my S’mores Quest Bar!

1:30-2:00 PM — LUNCH TIME!!  I had a chopped salad:  Spinach, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, corn, and chicken with chili lime dressing and a couple of pickles, because pickles…


2:00-4:30 PM — I am working with a nutritional therapy client, so I spent some time reviewing notes and getting together some food lists for our next appointment.  I also took this time to go through some emails, and to get together my assessment paperwork for a new client consultation at 6 pm!

monday13 (1)

4:30 PM — Time to get back on the train and head into City Centre to pick up some items at Holland and Barrett and a quick stroll outside, because the sun has actually been shining in Glasgow the past few days!

monday 171Collage


6:00 PM — Up the giant flight of stairs, to meet with my new client and perform fitness assessments and get her started!


7:00 PM — Met my husband for a ride back home (seriously, my legs were jelly)!

7:30-10:00 PM — Dinner (spiralized butternut squash noodles and slow cooker tomato sauce), a MUCH needed shower and some quality time with the hubby.  *Sigh*.


10:30 PM — Goodnight moon!  I am exhausted and I have a client at 7 am tomorrow!

What did your Monday look like?  Are you one to always take a photo?

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5 Tips For Staying healthy in A New City

So, a little fact about me, ever since I was a kid I thought I was supposed to be British. Yes, I faked a terrible “Brit-ish” accent (not quite English, Scottish, or Welsh).  I loved Mary Poppins.  I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I would recite my nursery rhymes with said terrible “Brit-ish” accent.  I think I’ve made my point, right?

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

Photo credit: Google

So, naturally, I also always dreamed that one day I would marry a handsome British man and we would live happily ever after in a kingdom far away.  Ridiculous, right?  Well, this past November 28th, my dream came true when I married my Scottish boyfriend, Luke, and decided to move to the (United) Kingdom, far away from America!

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

My prince charming.

However, not everything about my move was fairytale-esque, as you can imagine. According to HealthStatus, moving is the third most stressful situation a person can go through in life.  In my case, moving was extra stressful, because I relocated to an entirely new country.   The good news is, one of the best ways to work through stress is to implement your routine as soon as possible.

One thing that has been super important to me has been re-establishing my healthy lifestyle.  I also knew that getting back into a routine meant I wouldn’t get out of shape or fall into a fitness rut.  (Who needs that stress?)  I ‘m going to share with you the five things that made getting back to normal possible and (easy breezy) for me. With these tips, I’m sure you’ll adapt quickly and stay healthy too, whether you’re heading out of town for the week or moving to an entirely new place!  I’ve adjusted to my new digs quickly by making staying healthy a priority!  It’s a lot easier than you may think it is!

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

Tip # 1:  Find out where the (healthy) food is.  One thing I immediately did, on my new phone, installed a Healthy Food app to locate the nearest shops for all things health related in my neighborhood.  Also, using an app like HealthyOut is an excellent way to find cleaner eats nearby and to help keep you on track!  Healthy food apps are not only a great way to learn your new street map and keep your healthy food choices in check, but they are also an excellent way to sample some amazing local treats!


Also, by using an app to tell me what is nearby, I learned within just days that there are a freaking Whole Foods a mile and half from my apartment! Bonus!

good eats

Good eats

Tip #2:  Learn your new surroundings by taking daily walks or runs.   Another great way to keep your fitness levels up, while learning your new surroundings, is to commit to taking long walks (or jogs, if you fancy) around the area.  The Google Maps app is a great way to explore (and not get yourself lost). Google Maps also includes tons of nearby attractions so you can discover those little gems in your city you might not have found before!  Just an hour or two a day of that (or a few times per week) will keep you burning calories and make you feel at home!

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City


Tip #3:  Figure out the appropriate workout dress code!  One of the most disorienting things about my move was leaving a replica of Antarctica to go to a milder (much more overcast and rainy) climate.  For instance yesterday, on my walk, I experienced all four seasons in one mile!  I now know that if I’m heading out for a run or a long walk, I better wear layers and a waterproof coat!  Get to know what the climate is like where you’re at, and you’ll always be able to plan your workouts and activities accordingly.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City


Tip # 4:  Find out where the fitness is.  This tip is twofold for me, as I am currently a displaced personal trainer and fitness instructor now looking for work.  However, fitness professional or not, an essential component of keeping healthy in a new city is finding the right mix of workouts to get in.  Using an app such as Gym Locator Proon my phone, I was able to locate the fitness centers in my city according to proximity.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

Photo credit: Google


Another great tip is to sign up for a service like Groupon to find deeply discounted fitness classes (and attractions) around your new city. Groupon is a great way to try out different favorite spots for a fraction of the cost and a great way to get more familiar with all that’s available locally!

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

Photo credit: Groupon UK


In addition to the many fitness centers and studios nearby, you may also have a number of local parks and trails to run, walk, and bike through.  The Map My Run and AllTrails websites and apps are fantastic for getting an insider’s perspective on where to run, bike, and hike in a new area.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City


In Glasgow South, we have Pollok Country Park and Queens Park, both world class parks complete with miles of running and cycling trails open to the public!  Taking advantage of local parks and trails will also get you more familiar with your surroundings while exposing you to other active people in your neighborhood via local fitness clubs.

Tip # 5:  Prepare for different water!  Everywhere you go, overseas or not has different water than you’re used to.  Water quality can potentially pose threats to your health, though most are less than super serious (aggravated skin conditions, hair buildup, etc.) some can be more serious (gastrointestinal issues).  Shower filters like PuraStream, faucet filters like PUR, and container filters like BRITA are essential for keeping your skin, hair, and body hydrated, balanced, and acclimated to your new locale.  Believe me; nothing can throw you off more than a change in water quality! Obviously, if you’re only on a short stay, installing filters might not be best, but filters are now available in loads of different convenient forms and relatively inexpensive as well!   In Scotland, the water is SUPER hard.  In fact, all the times I had been over visiting before moving here, I would always gripe about how the water made me feel.  My husband (probably just because he didn’t want to hear it anymore) bought a water filter for the shower, and it made SUCH a difference.  We chose PuraStream for our shower filter and at a reasonable price — it is worth it!


5 Tips For Staying Healthy In A New City

Photo credit: Google

All these tips may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but they will make life easier.  I feel spoiled.  I don’t know how I ever moved or traveled before all this amazing technology!  Seriously.  I hope that my tips help you no matter where you live or where you’re at on your health and fitness journey.  Who knows, maybe one of these tips will help you out where you are right now!

What helps you keep healthy when you move or travel? Are there any apps you love that you would recommend?









Wow, it’s been, like, almost two months since my last linkup with Jessica and Jill for #DishTheFit.  It’s been a jam-packed time for me lately with just completing my nutritional therapist certification and starting up my personal training business.  But when I saw that this week was an interview, I thought it would be a great time to share some thoughts AND get back in touch with the amazing people who #DishTheFit weekly (probably much more regularly than I do)!

This week Jessica and Jill did something a bit different, they have turned the topic into an informative and interesting set of interview questions.  Answering interview questions is not only a great way to share our thoughts, but also, it gets us all thinking deeply about topics we don’t always work into words.

With that being said …let’s dish!

The Fit Dish Interview



I would have to say my proudest achievement to date would have to be waking up in 2012 and deciding that I needed to take control of my health.  Since the day I made that executive decision about my life, I have made one good choice after another.  I have to believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now (both physically and mentally) if I had not taken the initiative to make getting fit and healthy a priority.  I wouldn’t be a personal trainer, fitness instructor, blogger, or nutritional therapist if I had not made this choice.  I wouldn’t be here answering this question on my BLOG if I hadn’t made that amazing decision (and stuck with it)!

achievement Collage

proof that one good decision leads to many more



I believe our passions are born from our motivations.  You know when people say, “fear is a great motivator”?  Well, for me, that’s very true.  I fear going back to a place mentally where I don’t feel good about myself or that I’m worth the effort of staying healthy.  What truly keeps me passionate is knowing that I deserve to treat myself better than I ever did before.  You know that feeling you get after you finish a challenging workout, fit into your old jeans, or can help others reach their goals?  Well, that feeling can’t be topped by money or all the possessions in the world — it’s born from motivation and maintained through passion!  Oh yeah, and having this blog DEFINITELY doesn’t hurt when it comes to keeping passionate either. 😉



Um, we’re badass!  Seriously though, we are. The things that make me most proud to be a woman are our strength, empathy, leadership qualities, and yeah, did I mention we’re badass?  #IAmWoman

Photo Credit : Pinterest


Let’s face it, women feel more pressure than men.  Despite the fact that it’s 2015, women are still faced with so many bullshit labels and expectations.  The truth is — with all the pressures we have placed on ourselves — we need to build each other up and know we’re in this together!  Mean girls never prosper, and you want to know why?  Because they are so broken down from breaking other girls down.  If you want to feel strong, capable, and empowered love yourself and love other women with the same fierceness.



Truthfully, I think this starts with ourselves.  Making ourselves feel content and worthwhile enables us to share that empowerment with other women.  It’s so easy to give another girl a compliment or tell her she’s capable, but make sure you believe that about yourself first.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

See why it’s so important to start that empowerment cycle from within?


Work on the inside as much as the outside.  Exercise your soul, not just your heart.  It’s the only way we can maintain our passion, compassion, and accomplish our dreams.  It’s what’s within you that creates what you give to others.

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I can’t wait to see what others have shared and thanks to Jessica and Jill, this was an excellent week at #DishTheFit  — Super #FitFamLove

How would you answer these questions?  Join the conversation!