Workout Quickies:  Burpee Burner

Heyyyyy, Everybody!  As I was typing the “hey” out, I started to crack myself up.  I often do this, and lately, it’s while I’m in public.  Last week, my friend Jenn introduced this web series to me called,  Whine About It with Matt Bellassai.  (NSFW)  You’ll get the “hey everybody” reference once you watch these.

You must watch, btw.  Omg.  So hilarious.  You’re welcome.

Anyhoo, today we’re talking about quickies.  Workout quickies.

Who doesn’t love a quickie?  A workout quickie.

No one, that’s who.

Who doesn’t love burpees?

Almost everyone, I think.

That’s why it’s good to wham bam and be done with them and know you got a total body workout, am I right?

Workout Quickie #1:  Burpee Burner

As with any exercise I recommend on my blog, please check with your physician before performing.  Burpees are extremely challenging, so if you’re new to them, I advise you to start slowly and build up to this circuit over time!


I have included examples of some of the exercises for your reference!

180 Burpees

“Frog Hop” Burpees 

Half Burpee (Alternating single arm for an extra challenge)

One-legged Burpees (You can omit the plyo jump to modify)

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What’s your favorite “quickie” workout to fit in when you’re busy?

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Battle Rope Workout

Hey, everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve done a fitness post!  Since I fill my days with workouts, I’ve created for my clients;  thought I would share one with you.  I LOVE workouts that are off the gym floor.  I have a confession:  I DON’T LIKE THE GYM.



I love working out, of course, but I don’t like gyms.  I know that sometimes you gotta take it inside, but what I like to do and how I roll with my clients can be done just about anywhere.  I like to create fun, varying, and functional workouts because they keep people interested and THEY WORK.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite tools is the battle rope because it is so much fun AND I feel like a total badass after I use them.  So, badass, in fact, that, I feel like I could roll up on Rhonda Rousey …and still get my ass kicked in under three seconds.  I think that battle ropes should come with a warning on them because you do feel insanely tough after you use them and you could end up having your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.

But I digress because I’m starting to make no sense.

If you have access to battle ropes or want to buy them to add to your fitness equipment collection, I’ve got an excellent workout for you that will not only burn a shitload of calories while increasing your strength and coordination, but it will also make you feel super empowered.

You be all like this. Photo Credit

 Battle Rope Workout!


battle rope workout 1


I tried this workout with my client, Kaly, this past Saturday and she was working up a sweat and having so much fun in the process (even in the miserable Glasgow rain that has made a comeback)! She was a good sport and let me take a few snapshots!

Incidentally, it’s hard capturing someone busting their butt with battling ropes, as she was!

battlerope CollageI love to keep workouts fun and exciting, and with battle ropes, you get just that.  Strength training and endurance rolled into one killer workout.  I HIGHLY recommend giving them a try if you want to mix things up and feel totally badass!

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Have you ever used battle ropes?  What’s the most fun workout you’ve ever done?  Do you train rain or shine?

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Intuitive Exercise Fueling

Is it Thursday again?  Of course, it is, and this means I can TOL with Amanda at Running with Spoons.

Okay, truth be told, I am an “intermittent” intermittent faster, so I don’t always eat pre-workout.   I also prefer to exercise in the morning, so the way I fuel my workout is less about food and more about how I’m going to get moving.

However, there’s nothing wrong with people who prefer to eat pre-workout, and for some folks, it’s the best thing for their body.  This post isn’t about when you fuel your workouts but HOW you fuel them.  I like to fuel intuitively, and I call this process “Intuitive Exercise Fueling.”  

The intuitive fuel is all about listening to your body and giving it what needs to get you through and beyond your exercise sessions!


When I’m FINISHED working out, I’m all about getting the right food into my body asap.

In the past, this post-workout feeding could get a bit scary.

I have been on just about every eating plan there is, and none of them ever worked for me.  The one way of eating that does work for me (and I highly recommend for anybody recovering from an eating disorder) is intuitive eating.

As an intuitive eater, I tend to refuel my body after workouts with what my body is craving.  As long as you’re getting in your caloric needs and base macros, your body will be able to recover, build, and maintain muscle. Typically, after my exercise session, I crave protein; which makes sense — especially after exercise — as the body needs to replenish amino acids from protein to promote muscle repair and growth.

Protein powder is a great way to ensure you take in the correct amount of protein and a great option for adding to smoothies and snacks for your pre/post-workout refuel.

A typical post-workout meal for me could be:

  • Fruit and plain unsweetened yogurt mixed with protein powder
  • Protein shakes with hazelnut milk, frozen berries, protein powder, rolled oats, and PB2. 
  • Quest Bars or homemade protein bars
  • Gluten free protein pancakes with fruit and agave

intuitive exercise fueling | post-workout foods to eat

I try not to be too strict with my pre/post-workout meals.  If my body is craving something sweet, I usually will add some cocoa powder or dark chocolate chips to add that bit of sweetness and satisfy my sweet tooth.

It’s important to give your body what it needs and to listen to it when it calls out to you.  And this is the basis of eating by intuition.  Eating well after exercise also replenishes your glycogen stores and helps to keep your energy levels high and your body functioning optimally.

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Even though I use the power of intuitive eating pre/post-exercise, I don’t use it as a free pass to make unhealthy decisions.  To be honest, once I’m done sweating my ass off, the last thing I really want to reach for is a processed and highly refined food product.  

I just eat the macros I need and let my body take care of the rest!

***************This post was inspired by ETB Fit.  For more information on their energy sources please check out their Pre-workout Energy page!**************************

Do you fuel pre or post-workout?  Do you use protein supplements?

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The Saturday Spin – Indoor Cycling Workout

Happy Saturday, everyone!  I’ve decided to do a new series of posts dedicated to one of my absolute favorite workouts of all time:  Spinning.  I am a Spinning certified instructor and a huge fan of the program because it gets people in the best shape, both mind, and body.

Maybe you don’t want to get up super early Saturday to take a cycling class at your gym, but you do have access to a bike and would like to get a planned out, structured, kick-ass workout without having to think about it.  If this describes your Saturday morning, I have made this with you in mind!



I will be adding new rides to this page for you to take the gym with you on Saturday (or any day of the week).

Check out this awesome infographic from All About Being Healthy to see how an indoor cycling workout can change your body and your life.

I love indoor cycling because it’s what saved me and made me LOVE fitness and health again.  When I attended my training to become a certified Spinning instructor, the group I trained with had over 25 people and every single one of them said, “Spinning has saved my life.”

Five things you need to STOP thinking about indoor cycling!

  1. “My butt always hurts on the seat.”  Your butt will get used to the seat.  Yes, it will.
  2. “Indoor cycling makes me feel self-conscious.”  Indoor cycling is practically incapable of causing self-consciousness.
  3. “I’m not coordinated enough.”  Even the most uncoordinated of us can rock indoor cycling.
  4. “People in those classes are like a cult.”  Those of us who love it are not crazy.  We’re badass, and always love people who join us.
  5. I tried it and hated it.”  I did too.  But listen, if you can stick it out to three workouts, you will begin to like it, and by five workouts you will LOVE it.  

I will let the workouts speak for themselves.

620 spin



Suggested playlist

Do you like indoor cycling?  Do you workout on Saturday?





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One Move for Zero Love Handles

Love handles.  Muffin tops.  Such endearing terms for something so many of us despise and don’t find appetizing!

It can be one of the last places the inches drop off for many of us!  Yours truly included.  I have, to be honest, most of my pants these days don’t have buttons, but it’s good to know that the ones that do usually fit.  Usually.

Anyhoo, there’s one move that gives proven results when it comes to shrinking the muffin top/love handle area (das obliques), and it’s probably not the exercise you think it is!


The Bent Over Dumbbell Row

If you want to tone up and trim down your love handles, them, you should try adding bent–over dumbbell rows using a slightly heavier weight than usual.

For example, if you regularly lift 20 reps using a 10-pound weight, choose a 12 or 15-pound weight and do 15 reps instead.

How does this work?

While you’re performing the DB rows,  and your back and biceps are working hard, it forces your love handles to take over and stabilize your body.  Be sure to watch your form, if you do these correctly, they are very effective!

The reason that the bent over row is such an effective exercise is that it is a compound movement.  Compound movements train the largest muscle areas in the shortest amount of time.  By adding compound movements to your workouts, you can increase multiple muscle group isolation, decreases muscle adaption, and reduces overuse injury.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Add three sets of 15 reps using a slightly heavier weight than you could lift 20 reps with (as indicated in the explanation above) for 3-4 days per week and see the difference, fast!

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What’s your favorite compound exercise movement?


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