Daily Intention: Be

Happy Sunday Funday!  Have you ever seen a poster or t-shirt that says, “Just be.”?  What does it mean to “just be”?  Apparently by existing, we’re being, right?

To “just be” is to participate in the creation of your life as it’s happening by breathing, focusing, and loving.

When we let ourselves exercise patience, we have a greater chance to allow the Universe to unfold in our favor.

I like to make the analogy of watching a pot with water and waiting for it to boil.  You can’t do anything other than be patient and allow the energy to manifest and the water to heat.  Life is the much same.  We can make choices and take actions to create opportunities and circumstance, but we have no control over the outcome.  If we let things be, they will be ready for us when the universe feels we’re ready.

Intention:  Be.  

Don’t try to predict or control the outcome.  Let it be.

Practice patience.

Breathe and then breathe some more.

February Daily Intention Workout

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Daily Intentions Workout Challenge

Do you try to control your outcomes? How will you “just be”?

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