Out of all of the social media networks, you can use to share your content, Pinterest is the one that will continue to send traffic to your blog or website months (and even years) after you post it to a board. Quite a contrast compared to the shelf life of content on alternative social media sites.

  • 75% of Facebook engagement happens within five hours of posting.
  • Tweets remain visible an average of 18 minutes after posting.
  • Posts made on LinkedIn remain visible for about 24 hours.
  • Snapchat Stories posts can remain visible up to 24 hours
  • Instagram’s algorithm is similar to Facebook’s and depending on the quality of the content, can easily be overlooked by ‘fast scrolling’ – 75% of the posts reach users within 48 hours of posting.
  • Whereas with Pinterest, pins can be repinned, shared, and optimized using keywords giving them the longest and most efficient shelf life of all social media channels.

In fact, when you create boards and pin content to Pinterest, the power and reach your pins are determined not just by when you post them, but by their quality and the content that interests people most. Remember, Pinterest is a not just a social media network; it is a search engine and has optimization capabilities through the use of keyword-rich descriptions.

Three ways you can increase Pinterest repins and shares

  1. Create evergreen content (content that will always stay relevant to your audience); you can continue to attract people searching for information within your niche.For example,  if you’re a health and fitness blogger you could create rich pins with effective workouts because exercise benefits will not change and they remain relevant to your current (or prospective) audience.  The benefits of morning workouts will continue to be the same over time and will content will also remain relevant to people looking to keep healthy and fit.How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares
  2.  Stay up to date with current Pinterest trends.  In my last post, I talked about the explore trending tool to help find relevant pins for your niche.  Current trends are appealing to users who are already following you as well as people who are new to Pinterest.For example, look at apparel brand H&M’s Pinterest account.  Fashion must always be on trend, but one of the top boards they update is their board H&M Loves Music – which is all about finding stylish looks for the upcoming music festival season.  By engaging with a particular section of their audience, while also promoting new looks in store, they can merge content to reach even further into their audience both new and existing.
    How to increase Pinterest Repins and Shares
  3. Create Pinterest-friendly images on your website or blog.  Combining steps one and two as well as having a Pin it! Plugin as well as captivating and mobile-ready images on your blog or website so that your audience can easily share links to your content.  Pinterest-friendly images typically are:
  • Use beautiful photos.  If you don’t have beautiful photos at the ready, try using a service like to find professional photos you can customize by using programs like Canva and PicMonkey.
  • Be sure to add a title to your image and place it the description.
  • Also, add the title into the HTML (image title attribute) of your post photos.
  • Make your images tall and thin.  The pins that get the most love use a tall and long format, like this one:
    popular pin size

Add these tips and suggestions into your Pinterest strategy and watch your repins, shares, and follows grow.  It may not happen overnight, but with consistent effort, you will see your analytics tell a new and exciting story.

how to increase Pinterest shares

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