Battling Ropes Rule!

Happy Tuesday!  I love Tuesday, because it’s the day to link-up with Jessica and Jill for #DishTheFit and talk about amazing things!  This week’s (optional) topic is “Try Something New”.  It’s earlaay in the year, so people are still venturing out of their comfort zones and trying new things.  At least, I think.  I mean, it is February now, so it’s possible that the doors of “new opportunities” are metaphorically shut for some, but DON’T stop believing!  Get up and try something new!

What’s new for me?

I haven’t tried too many new things over the past 6 months, well besides gaining weight and being stressed, but wait, those aren’t new things for me.  However, one thing I had been wanting to try is BATTLING ROPES!  I finally got to try them last week, and can I just say, HOLY CANNOLI I LOVE ‘EM!  Maybe I have a MMA Conditioning Specialization in my near future? I always need me some CEUs!   Okay, I need to calm down, but seriously look at how much fun you could be having right now!

you whip your ropes back and forth.

You can burn up to 115 calories in 10 minutes during a battle rope workout – that’s pretty awesome, too!  I would have taken selfies, but I was too busy whipping the floor with both hands!

What are battling ropes?

Battling ropes are 25-pound ropes that work out your back, legs, arms and core.  To use them you place them around a heavy beam or pole and pull them straight toward you. Standing with your feet hip-distance apart, pick up the end of each rope and bend your knees slightly and let her rip!

You can do loads of different moves to create a full range of motion, but regardless of how you work the ropes you will be sweating and feeling the burn!  Here’s a recommended list of battling rope moves, courtesy of DailyBurn.  This one is RIDICULOUSLY tough, but kicks your ass, big time!

battling ropes burpee

whoa! (courtesy of DailyBurn)

Have you tried anything new lately? Have you tried battling ropes? Join the conversation with Jessica and Jill and #DishTheFit! #FitFamLove!


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