Monday, Monday… I don’t know the words to that song, actually, but happy Monday nonetheless.   I hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend was super eventful. I ate some nice food, traveled up to the Scottish Highlands, and oh yeah, said yes after my boyfriend asked me to marry him!



Exciting stuff, huh?  Yeppers.  We spent the weekend at my future parent-in-laws’ house near Loch Ness, and it was really a wonderful time – you know, after the initial anxiety wore off.  Oh, yeah, did I mention it was our first time meeting?  Nerves.  However, the weekend was wonderful, and as it turns out the nicest man in the World also has the nicest folks; who knew?

Friday we left in the afternoon from Glasgow and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful drive.  In some ways Scotland looks much like New England, but then you see the terrain and the hills and you can see how it’s very different.  I had to laugh, because I always take the beautiful parts of my neck of the woods for granted, and my fiance, Luke, feels the same about growing up in the Highlands of Scotland.  #Soulmates . We stopped at famous roadside attraction called The Green Welly Stop (so cute) for a toastie and a Cadbury hot chocolate.  Yumz!



Saturday and Sunday we spent most of our time on long walks along Loch Ness in Fort Augustus as well as a trip to Inverness.   Northern Scotland is absolutely beautiful.  It is such a peaceful and mystical place – staring at Loch Ness almost places you in a trance.

loch ness

no local magicians were trying to blow ‘nessie’ out of the water.

Of course there was more eating…

Chips Ahoy! Cadbury

it’s cookie DOUGH inside, btw…


So, naturally, after a weekend of eating and touristy, romantic strolls I was happy to be able to fit in a run this morning.  Glasgow is a really lovely city; it’s full of culture and art and it has amazing parks.  We are located by Pollok Country Park, which literally feels like a C.S. Lewis story every time you enter it.  I’m not kidding, you go from city streets into fields with Highland Cattle, horses, beautiful flowers, and waterfalls.  I enjoyed a nice run this morning while taking in the amazingness of this magical city park.


attachment (2)

Pollok Country Park

so cute.

Pollok Country Park

...and a sky full of balloons.

…and a sky full of balloons.

Hope your weekend was great and that your Monday is treating you kindly (and going by fast.)