Silver Linings and Creative Visualizations

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend.  Luke and I had a great late lunch and (possibly a bit too much) wine with Neil from Neil’s Healthy Meals and his lovely wife, Lynne on Saturday.  We ate at a lovely little restaurant called, Black Dove followed by drinks at The Butterfly and Pig.  It was a great laugh.  It’s so wonderful to have connected with Neil and Lynne, through blogging.  When bloggers meet in real life it’s kinda magical, right?

So,  it’s a short week this week, for those of you back in America.  It feels really weird being over here now at the start of the holiday season.  There’s no Thanksgiving commercials or giant turkey displays in the grocery stores. Luke and I are still going to make a little holiday feast for ourselves because we have so much to be thankful for this week, like, our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, which is on Saturday!


One year. Can I get a Carlton dance? Photo Credit

So, this post is all about silver linings and creative visualization.  I’ve written posts before about how to find the silver lining in any situation (and, yes, this is possible) and that’s just what I’ve been trying to do the past couple of weeks.

But first, the negative stuff…

Remember when I started that Bridal Boot Camp about a month ago?  Well, it didn’t really go as well as I would have liked it.  It’s almost an absolute failure.  The reason I am saying almost is that SOME good came out of my first attempt at this experience.  In addition, I also know now what not to do if and when I attempt to do this again.

However, it’s really frustrating when you set out to do something and you have an overwhelming amount of people saying, “oh, this is a great idea/definitely do this/I’d totally attend something like that”.  Then you put a lot of effort, time, and money into it and, as it turns out, it’s not the best idea and incidentally, they would totally NOT attend something like that.

I would have liked it to have turned out differently, and perhaps, when I’m in the place financially again to try and do it again, I will.  I know it’s not a reflection on me as a professional or on me as a person.  There are a lot of things I learned from the experience.

Silver linings…

Okay, so my class wasn’t an overwhelming success, but it also wasn’t a complete failure.  There have been two silver linings.

Firstly, I was able to meet a really great individual who is now a client of mine, and it could possibly open new doors for me as a trainer.  To have made any new connections is always amazing and worthwhile.

I remind myself every day, I’ve been living in a new country for eight months and for what I have accomplished so far, I should be proud and as minimally critical of myself as possible.

Secondly, Booya Fitness added me on as a coach for their online fitness subscription service.  As a coach, I was asked  to curate and design several “wedding workouts” using their incredible workout library.  I was so excited and I worked HARD to curate these coaching programs, so I am super proud of them.

I have tried about five fitness subscription services over the past twelve months, and honestly, Booya Fitness IS THE BEST.   I will definitely do a separate post all about them in the near future, but for now  I just had to share how excited I am to have this opportunity to work with a brand I can really get behind 100%.

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I think this warrants another Carlton dance.  Seriously.

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Creative visualizations.

I have recently worked through a tough period of time dealing with my struggle with delayed grief response and it has made me realize just how much I have to continue to live in the present and consciously create a positive and mindful future for myself and for my marriage.  I have learned so much from my life coaching program and working through the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention training.  Honestly, sometimes, I am so filled with ideas about how much I want to help change the world that I feel discouraged — if this makes sense?

So, what I’ve been telling myself each day is that all I have to do is make one creative visualization about what I want in my life and for myself and take one supporting action to get there.  That’s it.  Just one a day.

What’s a creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract to you success and prosperity. (



This may seem trivial to some people, but for me, being able to really understand that I can have a healthy state of mind by simply choosing to have healthy thoughts is a pretty big deal.

We are not victims of our circumstances — shitty things happen and they happen to us all eventually.  We are victims by allowing our circumstances to stop us.  

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Do you like to discover your silver linings?  Have you ever been disappointed by a venture that didn’t take off? Do you practice creative visualization?

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  1. Cool post. I mean, shitty about the bridal bootcamp thing but you’ve got such a great attitude about it, and I’m happy for you that good stuff came out of it, yo. The victimy stuff makes me think of that post you wrote months ago about how your husband called you out for acting like a victim. That’s my favourite post ever, I think. Anyway, we don’t have Thanksgiving here this week either! It’s been Christmas everything since November 1st. I’m not even kidding. Sigh…

    1. I love that post too, Suzy! I think it’s been one of the most transformational experiences of my adult life having that shit really sink in! Thanksgiving is such a weird holiday, I think it’s really lost its meaning for so many people. I’ve signed like 50 petitions for people who have been told they must work that day to sell a bunch of shitty stuff to people that they don’t need. It’s really disgusting, actually. I just try to be as thankful as possible most days, and I eat turkey whenever I want haha! I hear you about the Christmas stuff since November 1st! It’s a lot of build up! Thanks for reading and sharing. <3

  2. I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t go as well as you had hoped but I’m really pleased that you have some awesome positive outcomes from the experience 🙂
    You have accomplished so much in your time in the UK – I think we sometimes forget how much time it takes to just adjust to living on the other side of the world. Yes there are similarities but more often than not it’s so different – and that’s hard.

    1. Thank you, Jen. It really is tough. I still find so many things tough, like, for instance, it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday and it’s not a holiday here. I feel a bit sad missing it this year. I would love to see my family as well. While living abroad is an amazing experience and so great, there’s always a bit of you that anchors you to miss home. 🙂

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