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So, it’s been nearly three months since my last post on Beets Per Minute.  I’ve read countless blog posts about how nobody gives a damn about where you’ve been when you’re away or what’s been going on, but I’m going to share a bit of it regardless of this “fact.”    I KNOW some of you care (or at the very least have been curious) because you have reached out to me via email and social media to find out what’s been going on.

I finished up my Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner program at the end of March.  I was, of course, VERY immersed in my program with lots of exercises, essays, and practicums, and since I have never been a person who can chew gum and write at the same time, I had to prioritize my time.   I wanted to finish my program up before the month of April.  I was able to finish up all of my work and received word of my final grades and certification just last week.

I’m super excited about this!

I was back in America for nearly the entire month of April.  It was so great to see some friends and family, drive a car, and drink lots of Dunkin Donuts.  I feel terrible that I didn’t get to see everyone — as it turns out, six weeks at home probably would have worked better for that!   However, I got to hang out (quite a bit) with my family dog, Maggie.  Look at how fly she is.  I wish I were as flawless.

Maggie Collage

Much like Elizabeth Gilbert went through a “no carb left behind” experience in Eat Pray Love, I went through a “no FOOD left behind” experience back on my native soil.


No food left behind w/ @erinkristinacampbell

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While I have no regrets about leaving no food behind,  I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks getting back into a routine that’s a little less, well for lack of a better expression, balls to the wall or #YOLO.

I’ve also been continuing to write as a contributor for several blogs over the past few months.  I’m not going to lie; it’s much easier for me to have the editorial structure of deadlines given to me by others rather than setting my rules.  In all honesty, the direction of this blog hasn’t been something I’ve been super passionate about for a while now.

Don’t get me wrong; I love blogging, it’s just — as anybody else who writes a blog knows — it’s hard work.  And I’m all for hard work, but hard work, for me, tends to be much more challenging when my direction and focus have changed.  I have started another blog because I’ve decided that I want to take my voice and my writing in a different direction in addition to continuing to build BPM (or a new health-related blog) in a new direction.

Writing about food and fitness was perfect for me when I started BPM.  I had just passed my NASM exam and began working in the fitness world.  Also, I had become very passionate about exercise and healthy eating as a way to cope with the grief and anxiety I was feeling over the loss of my father.  I was terrified if I didn’t make positive changes, I wouldn’t care enough for myself and my long term eating disorder issues would resurface and take over my life.  What started out as a hobby to write about things that were relevant in my life at the time, slowly became less and less of a passion for me.

Again, I love writing about health and fitness, but my interests have evolved much more in the directions of activism and mental health and how this affects our bodies and lives far more than writing healthy recipes and workouts.  I attribute this as well to going through my intensive coaching education.  If I could make an analogy; before I was looking at my experience through a hole in the wall and now I’m looking at it from inside the damn room.

For a while, this blog, my life, and my career outside it were consumed by weight, food, exercise, and body image. I spent most of the winter slipping into old habits and mindsets because of my involvement with the fitness world and my confusion about how I want to participate in it.  Conversations I was having all day, every day with myself and others seemed to revolve around diet culture and body dissatisfaction in one form or another.  I’ve had to force myself to go on my social media accounts because it’s such a shitshow of negativity.

Does anybody else think social media has gotten SO much worse over the past several months?


But I digress, I want to start a different conversation now.  One that will help to address some of the shortcomings I see in the fitness and nutrition worlds and that I no longer want to engage in.  I’m not saying I no longer want to be a personal trainer, but I’m changing my approach to fitness and with the people I train.  It can be difficult to push for change while you’re part of a system that can be so counterproductive at times.

I’ve rambled a bit here, and it’s perhaps a bit confusing.  The Cliff’s Notes (or Monarch, or whatever) for this post are the following:  I’m not sure what will happen with the future of this blog because I am changing direction going forward.  I will most likely start a different blog if I decide to stop Beets Per Minute, but I haven’t decided anything just yet.  I hope those of you who have been faithful readers will continue to follow me on my journey — there’s going to be some great stuff to come!  Don’t forget to check out my other blog, ErIntuition — it’s work in progress and not everybody’s cup of tea, but I like it!  🙂

With that, I’ll leave you with the (NSFW) humorous stylings of Matt Bellasai and why he thinks gyms are the worst!  I don’t exactly feel his sentiments about gyms and fitness, but he certainly isn’t 100% off!

What have you been up to?  Have you ever wanted to change the direction of your blog/personal project?

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