SnapFit Fiber Drink Review

SnapFit Fiber Drink Review

snapfit fiber drink review

One of the great things about blogging is being approached by health and fitness brands to try out their new products.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted by SnapFit Inc. to see if I would be interested in sampling their new fiber drink supplement line. I was impressed by what Michelle, their Marketing Coordinator, had to say about the product and their mission.  I don’t know about you, but I have had a long winter and stressful time between getting married, applying for a visa, and moving to a new country.  I need all the help I can right now to get myself back on track!  My diet has been, well, less than perfect and I feel my current state of mind would be best expressed by the images below.


What is SnapFit?

SnapFit is a fiber drink from “sunny California” featuring a “unique combination of 15 plant fibers and extracts with no additives, enhanced with the pure essence of fruit!” SnapFit is not a meal replacement; it is designed to help you feel healthy and eat less naturally.  The fiber mixture of SnapFit coats the lining of your stomach, which causes you to eat less. Additionally, some of the fibers are used to slow down the rate of digestion, causing you to feel hungry later than you normally would.  This drink will help to minimize those pesky cravings when they’re at their worst.  SnapFit fiber drink is currently available in three flavors; strawberry, lemon, and peach (MY favorite)!


Daily fiber requirements for men and women.

Do you get enough fiber?  The last time I saw a doctor I was asked how much fiber I eat a day.  I would say I eat above and beyond the requirement, but do I?  Well, women need 25 grams of fiber daily, while men require 38 grams.  I would say the average person probably doesn’t get enough fiber.

Fiber is in foods such as:

  • dark leafy greens
  • cruciferous veggies
  • lentils
  • cabbage
  • whole wheat bread and pasta
  • oats
  • nuts
  • fresh and dried fruits

Many of the ingredients I just listed are naturally occurring in SnapFit fiber drink’s formula which will add 10 grams of fiber to your daily intake per serving!

snapfit fiber drink review

How to use SnapFit

As a rule, you should use SnapFit in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.  Whether you’re looking to control your appetite or need help reaching your daily fiber intake, 1-2 packets of SnapFit fiber drink should help you achieve your goal.  To make a drink, squeeze SnapFit into a 4-ounce glass of either water, milk, or soy milk (I love the lemon with almond milk). Give it a stir and enjoy!

snapfit fiber drink review

Benefits of SnapFit

SnapFit is 100% natural and healthy to consume. SnapFit is made with fiber from a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables and plants and has been produced in an FDA certified facility. SnapFit is also non-GMO, natural, gluten-free, and kosher.  The fiber in SnapFit helps to relieve hunger for up to 4 hours when consumed alone, and up to 6 hours when consumed with food.  After the first packet or two, you may notice some activity in your stomach. Don’t worry; this is good news! It means your body is adjusting to the fiber goodness you gave it!

What’s my opinion?

I have been using SnapFit fiber drink as needed over the last few weeks and it has helped me to feel full, and as someone who suffers from indigestion and stomach issues, I do feel better after I’ve had the extra fiber.  I will be honest, I don’t care so much for the strawberry flavor, but I love the lemon, and the peach is very delicious and my personal favorite.  I also added the fiber to a couple of my protein smoothies in place of the traditional suggested method of dissolving in 4 oz of milk or water, which may have lessened the effectiveness of the fiber.  While it’s a new product out competing against many other products containing fiber you can add to liquid, I do feel that SnapFit has the advantage of being all natural, Non-GMO, NSF, and are part of the CSA (Celiac Support Association).   At $8.99 for a package of six servings, I feel the price could be a bit steep if you are looking to drink this on the regular, but if you value quality, I would say you get what you are paying for.

SnapFit only offers domestic shipping within the United States at the moment, so I guess I will have to get someone to order me some and send it over to Scotland, but I’m a customer now!  You can find out more about SnapFit Inc. and order these awesome fiber drinks here.

Do you drink fiber supplements? Do you think you get enough fiber? How important is it for you to buy products that are Non-GMO and Gluten-Free?






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