Happy May!  It’s been sunny in Glasgow for the past four days.

After living here for over two years now (I know, I cannot believe it myself), it is evident to me that May is probably the best month weather-wise in Glasgow.  In other words, it rains the least.  Having said that, it will probably rain the rest of the week!

I am still not completely over bitching about the amount of rain and gloom there is living in Scotland.  Obviously.  So, I am always super grateful for indoor cycling/Spinning workouts.  You still end up wet at the end, but it’s just your sweat and not the rain.

Too much?

A friend of mine requested that I post more indoor cycling workouts (with playlists available on Spotify) that she can bring to the gym.  So, because I am such a good friend, I have decided to add a new indoor cycling workout each week for the next 12 weeks!

This week’s ride is an aerobic endurance ride called “hills and valleys” – and it’s really fun.  The ride will take you through a series of challenging climbs and recovery flats that will make you feel like you’ve spent the morning/afternoon riding through a scenic, hilly countryside setting.

This ride can burn up to 700 calories and will build up strength and endurance.

Add this workout to your weekly routine 2-3 days and start to see and feel the results!

Get the Spotify playlist here.

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aerobic endurance indoor cycling workout with playlist

Will you try this workout?  Let me know if you do!


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Happy Saturday, everyone!  I’ve decided to do a new series of posts dedicated to one of my absolute favorite workouts of all time:  Spinning.  I am a Spinning certified instructor and a huge fan of the program because it gets people in the best shape, both mind, and body.

Maybe you don’t want to get up super early Saturday to take a cycling class at your gym, but you do have access to a bike and would like to get a planned out, structured, kick-ass workout without having to think about it.  If this describes your Saturday morning, I have made this with you in mind!



I will be adding new rides to this page for you to take the gym with you on Saturday (or any day of the week).

Check out this awesome infographic from All About Being Healthy to see how an indoor cycling workout can change your body and your life.

I love indoor cycling because it’s what saved me and made me LOVE fitness and health again.  When I attended my training to become a certified Spinning instructor, the group I trained with had over 25 people and every single one of them said, “Spinning has saved my life.”

Five things you need to STOP thinking about indoor cycling!

  1. “My butt always hurts on the seat.”  Your butt will get used to the seat.  Yes, it will.
  2. “Indoor cycling makes me feel self-conscious.”  Indoor cycling is practically incapable of causing self-consciousness.
  3. “I’m not coordinated enough.”  Even the most uncoordinated of us can rock indoor cycling.
  4. “People in those classes are like a cult.”  Those of us who love it are not crazy.  We’re badass, and always love people who join us.
  5. I tried it and hated it.”  I did too.  But listen, if you can stick it out to three workouts, you will begin to like it, and by five workouts you will LOVE it.  

I will let the workouts speak for themselves.

620 spin



Suggested playlist

Do you like indoor cycling?  Do you workout on Saturday?





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