Emotional Eating Triggers, NEDA Week and Life Update

Hello, readers (ECHO ECHO):

It has been a really, REALLY long time since my last post.

Life has been crazy (I know that I always say this, but when I say this I still mean it!)

I have a lot going on.

The world is still a garbage fire, for the most part.

I am (and have been) undergoing a personal transformation that has shifted my priorities immensely.

I have learned a lot about myself and the world in the past nearly five years since I started this blog (wow, that’s a LONG time, but still it isn’t…?)

Some things I can share, like that I am now Eating Psychology Coach (still finalizing some of the coursework) and have shifted my focus on the politics of food, diet culture, and other such delightful topics.

As well, I have received training in massage therapy, and I am currently working on a certification in digestive disorder acupressure.

I am working on a new blog discussing eating psychology and digestive health — the blog/site is still under construction, but will hopefully launch by late spring.

I still love fitness and food, but I’m not going to lie, “FitBlogging” wasn’t always the best outlet for me and I’m working through some of that now both personally and professionally.

In news of garbage fires, Weight Watchers announced in February that starting summer 2018 they will offer “free memberships” to teens looking to lose weight.

I have too many issues/problems with this.  I find it deeply problematic, and I have spoken directly to my personal experience with this here.

Also, last month I loaned my ‘wisdom’ to DietSpotlight.com for their post dedicated to discussing Common Emotional Eating Triggers and How to Manage Them — 10 Things You Need to Know.  The piece offers some great advice from a range of experts on emotional eating, so you should check it out if you or someone you know is struggling.

Hope 2018 is going well for you all and if you’re not following me on Twitter, you should.

FYI, on Twitter, I talk about politics, and I’m not going to stop.  Some people don’t like to discuss politics behind issues, but I believe being able to ignore something that doesn’t affect me, isn’t helpful or useful.

And if anybody thinks that health, wellness, weight and all the things attached to it are not intensely political, I want to borrow your rose tinted glasses for forever.

What have you been up to lately?




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