Workout Quickies: Burpee Burner

Heyyyyy, Everybody!  As I was typing the “hey” out, I started to crack myself up.  I often do this and lately it’s while I’m in public.  Last week, my friend Jenn introduced this web series to me called,  Whine About It with Matt Bellassai.  (NSFW)  You’ll get the “hey everybody” reference once you watch these.

You must watch, btw.  Omg.  So hilarious.  You’re welcome.

Anyhoo, today we’re talking about quickies.  Workout quickies.

Who doesn’t love a quickie?  A workout quickie.

No one, that’s who.

Who doesn’t love burpees?

Almost everyone, I think.

That’s why it’s nice to wham bam and be done with them and know you got a total body workout, am I right?

Workout Quickie #1:  Burpee Burner

As with any exercise I recommend on my blog, please check with your physician before performing.  Burpees are extremely challenging so if you’re new to them, I advise you to start slowly and build up to this circuit over time!


I have included examples of some of the exercises for your reference!

180 Burpees

“Frog Hop” Burpees 

Half Burpee (Alternating single arm for an extra challenge)

One-legged Burpees (You can omit the plyo jump to modify)

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What’s your favourite “quickie” workout to fit in when you’re busy?

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  1. OK you just brought me so much joy with that hit tip to Whine About It. It is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while! Matt is amazing, Thanks for unlocking hours of funny for me on a cold and gloomy Thursday morning!

    1. You’re SO welcome, Susan! He is too hilarious. I could watch some of those over and over without getting sick of him! We all think these things sometimes, it’s nice to have someone speak for us! 😉

    1. Sometimes the quickie just has to be breathing — so right, Jen! I also love walking in general. I don’t have much choice but to walk everywhere these days so I think that’s why I love short HIIT workouts! Also, I’m weird and like burpees. Haha!

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